Gospel Brothers Ft Pastor Gift – Alpha And Omega (Prod By Ernesto)


Alpha and Omega is an expression of God’s sovereignty. God is a creator of all things and without him nothing existed. God created mankind for one important purpose: to WORSHIP HIM. The beginning and the end are in HIM; this song expresses our praise and worship to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. (Gen 1:1…. and John 1:1….) Autobiography Gospel Brothers is a team of three brothers in Christ not biological coming together to reverance our Creator through the ministry of music despite of coming from distinct denominations. All the three brothers are Chingola based youths and they are named as follows Samuel Chanda Bwalya Kennedy Bwalya Chileshe Wenslance Makasa. Gospel Brothers came together on 27th December, 2012. We released our first album in titled Lesa Waluse on 3rd March, 2015. Gospel Brothers are worshipers, song writers, song composers, event organizers and two of the brothers are pastors currently studying Bachelors of Arts in Theology with Education at Trans-African Christian university (Kennedy and Samuel). The other brother he is currently studying Phamas at Evelyn Horn college Univesity. Gospel Brothers they have done ministry in several parts of the country and shared stage with ministers such Pastor Morris Musenge, Papa Bruno, Rev. Trachsel Mulilo to mention a few but not the least Pastor Gift Kaputula. They have organised very successful events such as Musical concerts, Worship Encounter services in various parts of the country. Gospel Brothers aims at reaching out to people of all nations, tribes and languages in gospel proclamation. The team is thriving at grooming other young people into the music industry. Currently they are working with Team Revelation,Larvi the Rapstor (Novack Chanda). The team has been willing to work with any Gospel artist both the upcoming and those that are above the Gospel Brothers in the music industry. Samuel Bwalya is currently working with Kitwe Central Church (PAOG) as a pastor in charge of music, Kennedy Chileshe is also working with Mindolo Worship Centre and Lulamba Assembly (PAOG) as the pastor in charge of music. Internationally Dr. Tumi, pastor Benjamin Dube and Sonnie Badu has been a great inspiration to the Gospel Brothers. Locally, Ephraim Son of Africa, pastor Gift Kaputula and Rachel Nanyangwe have greatly inspired the Team. The song was produced on 21st March 2020.