Cartcool Is A Luapula Based Singer, Writer And Producer


CARTCOOL’S BIOGRAPHY Cartcool is a Luapula based singer, writer and producer. He is best known for his unique style of music known as ‘Poco a poco’ which means little by little. Cartcool’s poco a poco music blends the old and the latest Zed rhythms, hence making it suitable for all audiences (young and old) Cartcool is currently working on two other singles besides the the first one titled ‘MOTHER ZAMBIA’ which has since been released. The two singles yet to be released include, ‘Ndeya kumwesu’ and ‘Epowaila’. Cartcool’s music journey has seen him interact with big names in the industry such as Chester, Afunika, Macky 2, Shenky and many others. In regard, Cartcool is focusing on working with these artists in future projects. To wrap it up, Poco a poco music entertains, educates and most of all talks about real life situations that we face as Zambians. #thepocoapoco master