Brizzy Zambia Ft Nibro – Nilisa Kakabalika (Prod By Vue Smallz)


Christian Pretorius Chanda who’s proudly known as brizzy Zambia hits back with an emotional song which he tagged out with Nibro PC paper chaser titled Nilisa kakabalika brizzy Zambia explained alot of things in this truck Brizzy Zambia explained how is was sued by prince funda funda who’s is proudly known as Picasso Brizzy Zambia explained how Picasso made his mum to kneel down before the court of low when we were doing an interview with him Brizzy Zambia said Picasso was not in the better position of getting paid cause when Brizzy Zambia was organizing that event they didn’t agree on paying him he was only coming has a supporting artist more over Picasso didn’t even show up to the event Listen more in this truck